I’m halfway through a two-week period where I’m working basically all day and sleeping the rest of the time, so all my “end of July and beginning of August” stuff is coming on a small delay. That’s okay though–the first August releases aren’t for a few days, so I’m going to go ahead and give you my ten most anticipated YA titles coming this month. Here they are!

Covers link to Goodreads.


To be honest,* I know almost nothing about this book. I know it’s a high school romance with fat rep and a plus-size girl on the over with solid early reviews, and that’s enough to put it at the top of my list.

* I started the sentence that way without realizing what I’d done, but then I couldn’t change it. I apologize profusely, but this is who I am.


Guys, I’m really REALLY nervous about this one. I went to Catholic high school and that experience and community remain very important to me. For every thoughtful, respectful, honest portrayal of Catholic high school (Ladybird) there are dozens of lazy, hateful, straw-manned mockeries of Catholics and their educations. The tagline, “Put an atheist in a strict Catholic school? Expect comedy, chaos, and an Inquisition,” it a major red flag that this one is going to be the latter. (Spoiler: Every Catholic high school has athiest students. No one cares.) I realize, however, that the back cover can often be a poor representation of a book, and the strong reccomendations of some of my favorite booktubers have convinced me to give this one the benefit of the doubt.



Pirates! Heretics! Conspiracies! Just look at that cover. I am IN.



More pirates! Now with even MORE feminism!



The early reviews for this one are almost too good to believe. Several of the harshest critics that I read regularly had great things to say about this one. I, like so many, am becoming increasingly bored by blandly European fantasy, so the Morrocan-inspired setting of this one is very intriguing.



I hear it’s a gender-swapped Robin Hood, and while that seems like an idea that would have been done to death, I’ve never read a female-led Robin Hood retelling, so I’m ready to go.



Okay, just reading the description of this one gives me secondhand anxiety. Even the title and cover send me right back to being a stress-ridden high school senior working my butt off only to get acceptances, rejections, and waitlists with seeming randomness. Hopefully, the mystery is fun and engaging enough that the book doesn’t send me into flashbacks of horror.



Mmmmmmm pretty. Fairytales and mystery and sisters? I’ll give it a whirl.



I have legit assumed for weeks that Jessica Spotswood and Tess Sharpe were pseudonyms for several people because they’re too ridiculously perfect, but those are REAL WOMEN who are editing exactly the book that people with their names should create.



This one was a little more on a whim. I like the cover. The mystery sounds cool. That’s about it.


Are any of these on your TBR? What are YOU looking forward to this month?